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  • JLI: Journey of the SoulA Fresh Look at Life, Death, and the Rest—in Peace DETAILS HERE
  • Join our online virtual classesWe are online! Click here for details of our current COVID schedule.
  • CTeen UCTeen U is a joint initiative of Yeshiva University and the Chabad Teen Network. The undergraduate programs offer a unique dual curriculum comprising Jewish studies and liberal arts, sciences, and business courses. Click HERE for details.
  • Tea Time with MushkaJoin us on Sunday evenings. Details.
  • Touch of Love ProjectA touch of love package is delivered to local families who welcome a new baby, move to town, or are going through a health challenge. Details here!
  • Rabbi's Short Inspirational Messages Watch Now
Motivated by a profound love for every Jew and spurred by a boundless optimism, Chabad Jewish Center of Bronxville sets into motion a dazzling array of programs and services to educate, inspire, and uplift people from all walks of life with unconditional love and acceptance.
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  • What Does the Jewish Last Name Horowitz Mean?Learn the meaning and significance of this famous Jewish surname. Read More
  • Why I Didn’t Come to Your Baby’s BritThe thought of attending caused me so much anxiety that I decided to be kind to myself and give... Read More
  • Nine Ways to Be Like a TreeSince the Torah compares man to “a tree of the field,” we’ve collected nine lessons from the... Read More
  • Take the Land of Israel QuizHow well do you know the Jewish homeland? Take this quiz and find out! Read More
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