"Chai" the Hebrew word for Life has a numerical value of 18.  In spiritual terms, the numerical value of 18 has a special, life-giving quality. 

We invite you to partner with us and become a member of The Chai Club. By becoming a member you are committing to a monthly donation in a multiple of "Chai" - $18. 

Your Chai commitment of a comfortable monthly sum will make you an integral part of our growing organization and provide steady, reliable core funding for Chabad of Bronxville. 

As a Chai Club member, you will be informed of the fund’s progress, so together we can see the fruits of our combined participation and labor.

Chabad of Bronxville is a not for profit organization serving Bronxville, its surrounding villages, as well as the Jewish students on Sarah Lawrence College. We do not receive monetary support from Chabad Headquarters and depend on donors like you. All monies raised here stay here.

Step up and join the club!